About us

BEO MOVING COMPANY D.O.O is a highly specialized company with over 10 years experience in the industry for moving in the area of Belgrade, Serbia and abroad.
We are equipped with purpose-adapted vehicles of all sizes according to your needs for relocation. Moving Belgrade easily and conveniently.
Beo Removals Ltd. make high profesioniolno trained staff that provides services moving apartments, houses, offices, businesses, etc.
Services Moving and transport is done quickly easily and professionally! Special benefits for moving to Belgrade!

Moving Belgrade – Belgrade Removals Ltd. offers all kinds of moving and transport services, we are different from others due to our business approach, work methods and the tools we use, and what is more, due to the experience we have and which wasn’t present in these areas up to now.
We have modern and adjusted vehicles of all sizes, vehicles that meet your needs. We are also known for our approachable prices, providing insurance included in the price.
With moving, transportation services, warehouse storing and cleaning of business buildings or companies, we also offer such services related to houses or flats. It is cheaper, easier, safer and faster with us.