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MOVING BELGRADE – Belgrade Movers d.o.o. – Moving Company Belgrade

Belgrade Movers - Moving Agency Belgarde

Move quickly easily and professionally! Moving Belgrade

selidbe Beograd

Belgrade Movers

BEO MOVING COMPANY D.O.O possesses all necessary permits and documentation both for goods transport on the territory of Belgrade city and for international traffic. Over 12 years in the line of business! Special benefits for moving within Belgrade.
We provide 20% discount for students, retirees and for people with disabilities and payments in installments; for companies invoices of up to 30 days. Here with us, you can find out more information about market prices, information about ‘wild companies’, especially about so-called van moving, van transportation, etc.
We provide advices when it comes to packaging, assemblage, vehicle choice, date, ways of paying with fixed prices, that is, per hour or per ride, as well as other valuable information which will contribute to easier and less stressful moving with as cheap service as possible.

For example: for a flat of about 100m2 a vehicle, that is, a truck of about 40 m3, and average larger van has 11 m3, which means that you need 4 rides and 2 days for this kind of job, that is, a job with unsuitable vehicle. Otherwise, for a flat of about 100 m2 and with an efficient, professional team of four people with large truck, you need about 4 and a half up to 7 hours of work for a complete moving. You need to be extra careful when choosing the moving company and paying methods, when choosing vehicle size and what is being extra charged. It is also very important that the personnel has years of experience, that the company has insurance for furniture, that is, goods that it is transporting, and that they are registered in APR, that they have transport insurance.

selidbe beograd

We always put you first, our goal is for you to be satisfied with the work done and the given price – we must also mention that most jobs that BEO MOVING COMPANY D.O.O does goes on recommendations from satisfied customers; moreover, we take care of your furniture to make sure that the job is done in a professional way.  We are always there for you.

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For further information:
Direct line: 0665853171
22 October 19. 11085 Zemun-Belgrade. Belgrade moving

Belgrade Movers

BEO MOVING COMPANY D.O.O is a highly specialized company with over 10 years experience in the industry for moving in the area of Belgrade, Serbia and abroad.
We are equipped with purpose-adapted vehicles of all sizes according to your needs for relocation. Moving Belgrade easily and conveniently.
Beo Removals Ltd. make high profesioniolno trained staff that provides services moving apartments, houses, offices, businesses, etc.
Services Moving and transport is done quickly easily and professionally! Special benefits for moving to Belgrade!

Moving Belgrade – Belgrade Removals Ltd. offers all kinds of moving and transport services, we are different from others due to our business approach, work methods and the tools we use, and what is more, due to the experience we have and which wasn’t present in these areas up to now.
We have modern and adjusted vehicles of all sizes, vehicles that meet your needs. We are also known for our approachable prices, providing insurance included in the price.
With moving, transportation services, warehouse storing and cleaning of business buildings or companies, we also offer such services related to houses or flats. It is cheaper, easier, safer and faster with us.

Moving Belgrade - Serbia and Moving Abroad

Services that BEO MOVING COMPANY D.O.O  provides:
  • Moving Belgrade – Serbia and Abroad
  • Moving private and business premises
  • Packing / unpacking
    protection of things
  • Assembly / Disassembly
  • Storing your belongings
  • Removal of unnecessary things to a landfill
  • Cleaning apartments and offices

Free estimate of the cost of moving ondosno determine the lowest fixed price on the spot.


selidbe beograd
Moving private and business premises
Packing / unpacking

Protection of things
Assembly / disassembly
Storing your belongings
Removal of things to the dump
Cleaning business premises

Moving Belgrade – Serbia and Abroad


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Beo Removals Ltd. covers moving to Belgrade in all parts of the city of Belgrade

Movers Belgrade:

  • Čukarica
  • Novi Beograd
  • Palilula
  • Rakovica
  • Savski venac
  • Stari grad
  • Voždovac
  • Vračar
  • Zemun
  • Zvezdara
  • Barajevo
  • Grocka
  • Lazarevac
  • Mladenovac
  • Obrenovac
  • Sopot
  • Surčin
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